Confronting Sexual Nihilism

Discussion of: Confronting Sexual Nihilism

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Here I try to indicate who I am.

While proof reading my book, I was surprised how much the book itself told about me. I do not write anything explicit about my sexual life and I never shall. However, the attitudes I express about sexuality and the meaning of life reveal more about the kind of man I am than lists of what I do or have done. I aimed to be a dispassionate impersonal philosopher. Nevertheless, the book is about me.

My academic vita records my professional life. A few remarks on some of my current non-academic activities, especially religious, might reveal some features of my personality and character which will help readers understand why I wrote what I did even if they do not help bring acceptance of my views.From time to time, I will change this page if questions and comments from readers show a need for additional or other information.

I am married to Marge O'Connor Kielkopf. Marge is a writer and presenter on religious and spiritual topics. I maintain a website for her at and post her weekly Blog on that site. Marge and I attend daily Mass at Immaculate Conception parish in Columbus, Ohio. I have been a member of that parish for forty nine years. Both Marge and I participate in the parishes 24/7 perpetual adoration program. For over ten years we have devoted an hour per week to Eucharistic Adoration. Marge serves from 2-3pm on Wednesdays. I serve from 2-3am on Wednesdays. On occasion, I participate in anti-abortion activities such as "forty days for life" witnessing outside abortion clinics. Perhaps, of more importance, I contribute generously to local organizations which help women bear and care for their children such as Birthright and Women's Care Center.

I am a very active member of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. In addition to hands on work with the poor and the needy, I maintain a website for the Columbus Diocese Socciety of St. Vincent dePaul . I am a member, although not especially active, of Immaculate Conception's Knight of Columbus Council 14962. I am a member of the Serra Club which supports vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Apart from my religious and intellectual activities, I am certain that my devotion to strenuous physical exercise influences how I think. Over the past forty years, I have run 175 full 26.2 mile marathons. Three were less than 3hrs. 106 were under 4hrs. There were innumerable shorter races. Lumbar fusion surgery in 2010 stopped me from running marathons. I continue to run daily and still race, although at an embarrassingly slow pace. For over sixty years, I have used a bicycle as my main method of transportation in all kinds of weather. I swim about a half kilometer 4 to 5 times per week. I always train alone. So my exercise regime gives me plenty of time for reflection. And I geuninely enjoy it.

My whole line of argument is based on what can be called "character morality." Lifelong pursuit of moral character is the antidote to nihilism. However, I do not regard my personal emphasis, or obsession, with physical exertion as indicating moral character let alone forming moral character. Physical exertion can be a distraction from confronting nihilism. Indeed, I worry about my continuing emphasis on exercise as self-indulgence and neglect of serious work. As I regret my less than distinguished academic career, I realize others did much better. Not only were they smarter; they worked much harder for their paycheck.

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